Ever noticed how the UBERVOLL angel and the angel from the star have a similar form?

Similarly, the Tunisian garden painting has certain repetitions of the "ancient harmonies" painting

Gardens are one of the best remedies for mental anguish, which goes back to the first task we were given, (according to the fairy tale of Genesis..."tend the garden").
It seems to be our blood so to speak like the wine Noah drank when he "was the first tiller of the soil" after the flood.

One of the most interesting inventions to come out of Massachusetts lately is the Drone garbage collector, which certainly any robotics hacker could make and use to trundle compost up a hill, whilst imbibing spirits, but as noted, the grant from big money is what allows one company and not another to dominate the market by "rapidly bring the product to market" imitating Shorty who was nicknamed "el rapido".